Thursday, March 12, 2015

Building With The 12th Power from Creation!

The 12th Power is a marketing platform created by Greg Nichols.  We harness mathematical principles in our marketing, and we are very interested in the number 12.  We are even more interested in numbers to the 12th power.

Ever notice in nature how God has harnessed multiplication and exponential increase?  In all of his creatures and in plant life, you can see Him taking something and using a duplication principle to create many.  Consider the kernel of corn, and what it grows to.  Someone said there are 843 kernels on a cob, and I am not sure how many cobs are on a stalk.  (Who counts this stuff anyway?) For a moment, let's consider you that lone kernel of corn that grows all of that duplication in your business.  It would be people numbered in the thousands.

Even God seems to like the number 12.  He picked 12 men (the disciples) and literally changed the world with 12, and He had done it before. In the Old Testament, it is shown how Israel was originated from 12 tribes who came from 12 men.  Later, when there were 12 disciples, when one was lost, (Judas) God would not begin the Master's marketing project until they replaced the 12th person. God likes this number 12, no doubt because it multiplies out to so many so fast, in an exponential manner, and it is inherently strong.  If one person puts a thousand to flight, and two put ten thousand to flight, what could 12 do?  (that's from the Bible by the way) We can count what the 12th Power as a number is, but if we got a fraction of it, in people, or in dollars, we would be rich. But we are not a kernel of corn, we are people looking for people.  People have a way of multiplying themselves once you give them a good start and you use a strong original template.  The 12th Power blog is a Biblical periodic writing which markets the strategy of The 12th Power and the mentoring of Greg Nichols, myself. 

More later.

Greg Nichols